Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Binding Again!

Now that I am finished with binding Old Tobacco Road to Delhi it is time to start working on the binding for Adam's Ugly Christmas Sweater quilt.

I chose a striped fabric that was used in the quilt top and borders for the binding and I think it is going to look just fine. I spent a couple hours last evening stitching away while watching tv and I got a whopping 77 inches done.

As we get closer to Christmas things are getting really hectic. My husband and I steam cleaned the carpet in the living room and dining room yesterday and that was two weeks later than we intended. :(  We are behind schedule!! Anyway, I planned to give it all a really good vacuuming this morning but I don't think it is totally dry yet. I usually just give what my MIL used to say was 'only where the Pope walks' vacuuming but that just won't do right now. It will have to wait until later this evening....grrr....I just want to get it done and put things back into place. We are also going to steam clean the family room carpet today and that should be it for the really heavy cleaning - I hope!

I am participating in the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge and so far so good. It really is quite a challenge to write a blog post every day - kudos to those that do it on a regular basis! If you are interested you can join in here and you can also check out the blogs of the other challenge participants.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Old Tobacco Road to Delhi

I finished stitching the binding on Sunday night and now it is on my bed and I couldn't be happier!

Old Tobacco Road was a free Bonnie Hunter mystery from 2008 and when I discovered it several years ago I knew that I wanted to make it. It brought back memories of when I was a child.

When I was a child we lived in Delhi, Ontario and at the time it was the heart of tobacco country.  In the last house we lived in we were on the edge of town and we actually lived beside a tobacco field. Delhi has grown since then and in 2011 it had a population of 4172. The tobacco field is now a park and there have been many new houses built in the area. Our old house is still there and I can't believe how tiny it is. My sisters, Cheryl and Christine, and I took a trip down memory lane a few years ago and visited Delhi to check it out. Over the past many years we had returned to the area several times to visit our grandparents and family friends but we had never taken the time to walk around the town and revisit. Anyway, while we were there we decided to have our lunch while sitting in the park beside our old house. We were looking at the house and talking about it and the current residents invited us in.  They were jammed packed in there with only a family of 4  - we were a family of 11! They couldn't believe that 11 of us lived in that teeny tiny house and neither could we. The kitchen was so tiny that there wasn't even enough room to put a table never mind with chairs. There was barely even enough room for us to stand in while we were visiting. It seemed unimaginable that my Mom was able to cook for eleven people everyday in that kitchen. My goodness where did she keep the pots and pans.  It didn't seem that small when we lived there! Anyway, enough about memory lane. :)
I pieced the backing using a wonderful print that I got at Fabricland for $3.00/m. Of course, I didn't have enough so I added a strip of the same red fabric that I used for the borders. I had enough fabric left over to make pillowcases and I couldn't resist.

This quilt is big enough to fit what I call my 'princess in the pea' bed but I had to turn it so the longer edge is on the sides. I am only 5' tall and the bed is so high I almost have to climb onto it to get into bed - just like a little kid! I think this quilt will stay on my bed for at least the winter and then I will change it out with something brighter in the Spring. In the meantime I will enjoy this beautiful quilt!
close up of the top - I made all of my 4 patches neutral/green
I like to keep track of the details of the quilts I make and this quilt finished at 81" x 102". I really thought I wanted to quilt it with gold thread but instead it wanted this greenish colour and I think it was the right choice.

The thread I used was Cansew # 6717 with dark brown magnaglide in the bobbin. The panto is called Flying Paisley by Jodi Beamish and I used 80/20 cotton/poly for the batting.

This quilt makes me happy and Molly and Peanut like it too!

Monday, December 11, 2017

On Ringo Lake Mystery - Clue 3

See all of those neutral strips in the background  - I cut a ton!
As soon as Bonnie Hunter posted this step I was downloading the instructions and printing them off. It was really fast and easy for me to cut the rectangles because I was cutting from one big hunk of fabric instead of from smaller pieces or strips of fabric. I cut wide strips and then subcut them to the smaller measurement and it was quick, quick, quick.

To make the required block pieces I have chosen to follow the Bonnie method.  I had previously cut a whole slew of neutral strips so they were all ready for me to cut the triangles for the corners of the rectangles using my easy angle ruler. Lucky for me I just happen to have a Simple Folded Corners ruler to use for cutting the corners off the rectangles prior to sewing. Now I just need to find some time to use it. :)

I have already used this ruler when I was making the sweater blocks for Adam's ugly Christmas sweater quilt and it worked out quite well for me.

My coral rectangles still require lots of attention before they are finished and ready to be used and I am looking forward to digging in. I hope to be able to show more progress a little later this week.

Funny thing, after I posted about having no willpower to resist this mystery I noticed this tissue box sitting beside my computer.

No wonder I couldn't resist - I was constantly getting this subliminal message every time I used my computer. :)

Today is mystery Monday link up over at Quiltville - pop on over and check out all of the mystery quilts in progress.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dish Cloths

For Christmas this year, I will be giving my Mom some knitted dishcloths. She can use them as washcloths instead if she chooses to do so but I think they do a great job on dishes. These are so quick to knit and even though I am not really much of a knitter I can manage them fairly easily. As you can see I already have two made. I want to make several more so my goal is to make one per day over the next week or so.

I am using a very simple and easy pattern and I think they look great when done. I am always amazed that you wrap a piece of string around a stick and use another stick to manipulate the string and have fabric. I am also amazed at the number of different knitting stitches that can be made. Whoever figured this out was brilliant!

I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Binding Time

I am getting so close to finishing the binding on my Old Tobacco Road to Delhi quilt. Last evening I plunked down on the couch and continued to work on it while watching tv. As I stitched away I couldn't help but giggle about the backing fabric that I used. I only paid $3.00 a meter for it at Fabricland a couple years ago and I just love it - especially for this quilt. :)

I used to always have trouble with my thread getting all tangled and knotted as I was hand sewing binding but since I started using Thread Heaven it seems less of an aggravation. Smooth stitching is so much more relaxing and much quicker too! There are so many tools and accessories that are now available to quilters that can make things so much easier to do.

There is slightly less than 100" of binding to go and I think it just needs one more marathon evening of binding time and then it will be finished and ready to go on my bed. I can't wait!

Friday, December 8, 2017

On Ringo Lake

I couldn't take it anymore! I caved in and started working on Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt. All along I have been pulling fabric possibilities just in case I had no willpower. ;)

A whole gaggle of one-winged geese has landed on my sewing table. ;) 
I started with the second clue yesterday and I got a good start on making the flying geese but before I could even get going on those I had to replenish my stock of neutral strips.

I have finished quite a few quilts recently and I mentioned yesterday that En Provence used up a lot of my purple bits but it also decimated my neutrals. I still have lots of strips in the bins but I needed much more variety to be able to participate in this mystery. So I pulled out the larger hunks and chunks as well as fat quarters and yardage of neutral fabrics from my stash and cut mainly 1.5", 2" and 2.5" strips. I don't normally use a lot of 3.5" strips so I cut much fewer of those. It took forever but I am ready!

The actual colour of this fabric is somewhere in-between this photo and the photo above!
I love the colour scheme Bonnie has chosen but I just couldn't reconcile the coral/salmon/melon/whatever. I just didn't have enough variety in my stash, so, I was thinking I would go with oranges and pinks together. For some reason I vetoed every fabric I pulled from my stash. So, after I read in her instructions that going with just one fabric of each colour family would be fine in the finished quilt I chose that option for the coral. Whew...that works so much better for me. :) The fabric that I chose has lots of streaky movement and multiple shades of what I would call coral so I think it solves my problem.

The third clue will be released this morning so I have a lot to get caught up with!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fabric Scraps

En Provence
Lately I have been very fortunate to receive lots of them. :) Not that I don't already have tons of scraps but I honestly was running low on purples. I have made a few quilts that used up quite a bit of my purple stash. I still have some larger pieces of purple but the scrappy bits that give variety were pretty much used up especially once I finished my version of  Bonnie Hunter's En Provence. I love that quilt but I was getting quite hard pressed to find enough variety in my purple selections.

Through member volunteers, my Guild provides a 6" square of fabric to all members each month and they call it cotton candy - cute huh. Shhh....don't tell anyone but last month when I saw that there were purple squares in the basket I took two. ;)

Another member was standing near me when I picked up the squares and I mentioned that I really needed to expand my purple pickin's and she volunteered to give me some of her scraps. I happily accepted the offer but I made sure to let her know that I really meant scraps because I do have a ton of fabric in my stash - just not a lot of purple bits and pieces. I plan on living to be at least 100 and I don't think I will ever run out of fabric. :0

Well, Susan came over to my house and gave me all of this and they are not just small pieces. Thanks Susan, I particularly like the one on the right. :)

Not only did I receive scraps from Susan but my quilty sister Cheryl gave me a big bag of scraps and hunks and chunks of fabric last week as well. She has no intention of ever using up such small scrappy pieces so she saves them for me and every so often I get a bag of fabric gold.

Look, she even gave me all of these hexagons because a design idea that she had wasn't working out for her. These are 7.5" from point to point and there is quite a few of them. I am sure I will figure out how to use them up.

Over the next while I do plan to make many scrappy, crumby, stringy quilts but it is not likely to start until after the new year.

You quilter's trash is another quilters treasure!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Ugly Sweater Saga Continues

I finished the quilting yesterday and I think it turned out pretty well. :) By the time I took it off the frame I was too tired to trim it so I will do that today. I didn't want to tempt fate and have a preventable rotary cutter accident. ;)

I will also prepare and attach the binding by machine to front of the quilt today but I won't start hand stitching it down until I finish with the binding of this quilt.
Old Tobacco Delhi
I have been spending some of my evenings snuggled under this quilt while relaxing with some hand stitching. Progress is being made and I think I am more than half way finished.

I won't be going to my exercise classes this week so last night I planned to get on my treadmill but that did not happen. Instead I spent some down time in my sewing room tidying up scraps. It does not take long for them to take over my space.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

On the Frame

By the time I got all of the borders attached to this quilt top I was tuckered out! It took me much longer than I thought it would. I didn't get much sleep on Sunday night and I sure paid for it on Monday as I was dragging myself around trying to finish up those borders.

As soon as I finished attaching the final border I did a line of stay stitching all around the outer edge of the quilt top because I didn't want to have any split seams. I didn't think that I had handled the edges too much but they were already showing signs of opening. Not a problem now!

Once I got the borders finished I took a break from sewing. :) I felt much better later in the evening and I pieced my backing and loaded it on the frame. I was originally going to use the same wide backing that I did for my ugly Christmas sweater quilt but I changed my mind at the last minute. The fabric that I did choose was actually purchased last year for my quilt but it wasn't working for me at the time. Funny how things work out! I forgot to take a photo of it before loading it on the frame, oh well, I will show it later.

My quilty sister Cheryl suggested I use a pantograph that has music notes because my son is a pretty good musician and that would tie in with Christmas music and carols. Doesn't everyone wear their ugly Christmas sweaters while participating in Christmas carol sing-alongs? ;) I agreed that it was a great idea except when I pulled out the one I have I realized that it is quite primitive and doesn't have any registration marks and it doesn't nest together. So I vetoed it and chose a panto called Dropsy instead. On paper the design makes me think of French horns. :)

Monday, December 4, 2017

Working on Borders

This quilt top is heading toward the finish line way ahead of my planned schedule and I am very happy about it. I want to give this quilt to my son Adam for Christmas but because I have been working on it so aggressively I have made very good progress. Now I have changed my goal to have it quilted in time to take to my Guild meeting on Wednesday for show and tell. I know I won't have it completely finished but it will be my only opportunity to show it off before it goes to its new home.

I added the sashings and have stitched all of the blocks together. I did spend a fair amount of time moving blocks here and there trying to spread out the colours and prints but somehow some fabrics still ended up closer together than I had intended. :)

In anticipation of making the inner border I had cut quite a few 2.5" squares ahead of time and last evening I stitched them together into pairs. I then matched the pairs together so that I could sew them end-to-end alternating background squares with the focus fabrics to make the border. I guess my brain went into auto mode and I ended up sewing them into 4 patches instead. Ugh....I didn't want to unstitch them so I left them as is. I have plenty extra of most of the fabrics that I used in this quilt top so I just cut more squares and restarted the border. You can be certain that I am making sure that I sew them end-to-end. I guess if I look at the bright side of things I now have a bunch of 4 patches that are ready to use. :)

I am hoping to finish the borders today so that I can load the whole kit and caboodle onto the frame and set everything up for quilting on Tuesday. I am excited about getting this quilt finished!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Customer Quilt and a Challenge

Just before my sister left on Friday, she helped me load the backing for this quilt so I could get started on it right away on Saturday morning. This is another quilt for Rosalie and it is another really pretty one.

Rosalie chose a panto called Affection by Hermione Agee and it is a very pretty heart pantograph. It was quilted with Cansew thread in pink #6203 and with magnaglide in the bobbin. Hobbs 80/20 cotton poly was used for the batting.

If I remember correctly, Rosalie will be giving this quilt to a friend's grandchild and what a wonderful gift this will be. I love the quilt design - snowball and nine patch. I think I have to make me one of these too!

On another note, I have signed up for the 3rd annual 31 day blog writing challenge. You can read all about it here. I don't know how well I will do in the long run but I will certainly try. So far so good - I have already blogged 3 days in a row. :) Check out the link because you just may find some new and interesting blogs.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Quilting with my Sister and Other Nonsense!

larger quilt
My quilty sister Cheryl came for a visit yesterday and we had a really nice visit. It was fun and very productive. We always amuse each other and spend a lot of time laughing and joking and making fun of each other - a perfect sister relationship. :)

Lately, we have been testing each other to get into a standing position straight from sitting on the floor. The rules are that we cannot use our hands or rest on or push off the floor with our knees AND we have to do it three times each day. We can do it but trust ain't pretty and it ain't easy....and it is hilarious...and I am laughing writing about it. lol  We can be very silly and ridiculous! :0

Anyway, Cheryl brought these two really cute quilt tops that she wanted to get finished so she could give them as gifts to a couple of her neighbours. Both of these neighbours have a young child and they would really appreciate receiving a quilt. If I remember correctly, the larger of the two was 50" x 70" and the smaller was 45" x 60". These were made using a really fun, jungle print panel.  They really are perfect as an I Spy quilt because there are so many critters within the panel that any child would be occupied for quite some time trying to find them all.
smaller quilt
Cheryl gave each quilt the same treatment - the panto she chose was Shooting Stars by Sue Schmeiden, blue Cansew thread #6325 and a magnaglide bobbin in Hawaiian blue.
back of the larger quilt
We were very frugal and used up some pieces of 80/20 cotton/poly batting that I had hanging around. Cheryl pieced the batting and because the quilts weren't too large she only needed to join two pieces of batting together for each quilt. Now I don't have those pesky pieces of batting - you know the ones that are too small for a quilt but too big to dispose of -  taking up valuable real estate in my sewing/quilting areas. :)

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Final Three

last three sweaters
Woohoo! I have finished all of the ugly Christmas sweater blocks and I even fixed the really, really ugly one too.

It took a little bit of surgery but I think that bit of extra effort was worth it. It wasn't too difficult - I just removed the center block and made a replacement. I like this sweater much better now.
removal of center section
I have been joining my piano key borders into long sections and they are growing like weeds. I won't worry too much about the actual lengths because this is a very relaxed border style. If the length happens to be too long when I try to join it to the quilt I will just measure what I need and hack off the excess and if it is too short I will add whatever is needed.
some of the border sections in progress
Today promises to be another fun day because my sister Cheryl is coming to visit. She has a couple small quilts that she plans to give away as gifts and she needs to quilt them. Lucky for her I have a longarm. ;)  I feel so fortunate that I have a quilty sister...we always have fun together.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I think it is going to be a good day today! My husband and I watched the sunrise together this morning and it was so pretty. I love seeing sunrises even more than sunsets although both can be very beautiful.

Watching the sunrise and seeing the beautiful colours made me think of Bonnie Hunter's mystery and the fact that I haven't decided whether to participate now or wait for later. I have been pulling fabrics just in case I cannot resist. ;)

I don't have many fabric choices in coral so I am leaning toward using a combination of oranges and pinks. We will see.

In the meantime, last night I wanted to do some sewing to relax but I knew that I was too tired to actually work on the last three sweaters - other than to choose the fabrics. So, once I had that figured out I started cutting some strips from them for the border.

The ugly Christmas sweater quilt will have a piano key border so as I have been cutting the fabric for the sweater blocks I have also cut a few strips from each fabric for the border. The strips are 1.5" and 2" wide and I sub-cut them into 5.25" lengths. Once I had enough variety I started sewing them together as leaders and enders while stitching the sweater blocks and I already have quite a bit done. Wow...I feel so efficient. :)

I continued to work on sewing more strips to the border sections that were already started. Perfect for mindless sewing! I am not quite ready to join all of these smaller sections together yet but as soon as I do I will have an instant border.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Lots of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I am moving right along with making these ugly Christmas sweaters for the quilt that I am giving my son Adam for Christmas. I don't think I am actually making two sweaters per day but I am thrilled with my progress. Only three more sweaters to go!

I am not too sure about the plaid sweater with the mittens and yellow and blue accents. I may take it apart and reverse the placement of the yellow and blue solid fabrics but maybe not. It is an ugly Christmas sweater after all. :)
Seventeen sweaters up on the wall!
I spent a good part of the day in Toronto and boy was I pooped out when I got home. Not because I was so busy in the city but because of the traffic on Hwy 400 north and south bound. There was construction everywhere and that means narrowed lanes and slow-downs. I made it back home safe and sound but I need to de-stress so I am going to go into my sewing room and spend some time relaxing with my fabric and sewing machine.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

En Provence is Finished

stitching binding
I did a lot of this over the past little bit of time and while I did I took a lot of time just admiring my quilt. As a matter of fact, I have stitched a total of 340" of binding and it has been time well spent both in quilt admiration and hand stitching! En Provence is completely finished including attaching my label and I couldn't be happier with this quilt. One of my favourite parts of this quilt is the scrappy neutral border that frames the quilt - love it. :)
I couldn't quite fit all of it into the photo :)
This is Bonnie Hunter's 2016 mystery quilt but I didn't start it until September of this year. It wasn't good timing for me to participate during the quilt along so I saved the instructions as they were released. I wanted to work on it during my Guild retreat at Killbear Provincial Park so I did all of the prep cutting that I could beforehand. I got a good start on sewing block parts together while I was there but, honestly, Bonnie Hunter quilts really do take time to piece together as they usually have lots of pieces!

My quilt finished at 85" square and I quilted it using Glide thread in a purple colour called Tabriz Orchid. I used magnaglide in cream in the bobbin and Tuscany 80/20 cotton/wool for the batting. I used a panto called Jessie's Swirls Simplified by Jessica Schick and I think it looks great on this quilt.

I am linking up over at Kathy's Quilts for - Slow Sunday Stitching.

Friday, November 24, 2017

So Pretty

Oh my, Rosalie's quilt turned out so pretty! When she brought the quilt top to me I could see how striking it was but now that it is quilted I think it is quite stunning.

This quilt is heavy - it was made using stabilizer behind the background fabrics and then appliqued. It does have a minky backing that makes it so soft and snuggly and wonderful!

I used Cansew white thread with magnaglide in white in the bobbin. The panto that Rosalie chose is called Tickle from Beany Girl Quilts and I think it was the perfect choice. The batting is 80/20 cotton/poly.

Minky can be very stretchy so I was very careful when I loaded it onto the frame. The quilt sandwich was quite thick and it sort of felt like quilting through pudding. I could feel when I moved on and off the applique so I just went at a slow and steady pace. I had no problems at all. :)

Rosalie picked up her quilt this morning and I think she is very, very happy because she did do a happy dance when she saw it!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Getting it Done :)

My plan is to make two of these Ugly Christmas Sweater blocks each day and last night I didn't finish making my two blocks until 10 pm. That was a bit late for me because I find that if I stay in my sewing room too late that I have trouble falling asleep. I was clock watching well past 1:30 am - not enough time to wind down before bed I think.

I am really enjoying selecting each of the fabrics that I want to use in each block - look at that fun center in the paisley sweater block.

Today, I did much better and I have already finished both blocks. :) I felt that the quilt needed some lighter toned sweaters and I have plans for at least one more along those lines.

I have my exercise class this afternoon and when I get home I will trim the quilt that I was working on yesterday.  Once I get that done I really do need to spend some time with the vacuum cleaner. :(

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Making Progress

I got my two blocks done yesterday for Adam's Ugly Christmas Sweater quilt and I think they turned out really well.

I got the first block finished in the morning and I started on the second one but then I had to break to go to my exercise class. When I got back I needed some recovery time ;) and then I finished up the second block.

After making and eating dinner last night, I started loading this quilt for Rosalie. Rosalie made this one for her granddaughter and it is really quite wonderful.

I had started the quilting this morning and I was hopeful to get it done before I had to go to my dental appointment but that didn't quite work out. I am currently in the middle of quilting it and I think it is coming along quite nicely.

Once done I plan to get into my sewing room to make the next two blocks for Adam's quilt. I made lunch today so I think my husband can manage dinner. :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Few More Blocks

Like many others, I have plans and ideas for items that I would like to make this year for Christmas gifts. I don't know how much I will actually accomplish but I am going to give it my best effort. :)

In order to achieve my goal I do need to set a 'sort of' schedule. That means it needs to be very flexible and also means that it is more like an 'I hope I can get it done' schedule. So, I had informally decided that I would like to finish two blocks per day for the Ugly Christmas Sweater quilt for Adam. I set to work yesterday and I did get two blocks finished - right on schedule so far. :)

As I was working on the second block I got a phone call that my Tai Chi class was cancelled so I kept on working and I got two more blocks done. Woohoo...I am ahead of schedule!!
First 5 blocks already done!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Adam's Ugly Christmas Sweater Quilt

In January of 2016, Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts started the Ugly Christmas Sweater Quilt along and the blocks just looked so cute that I couldn't resist.

I made this one for myself and when I showed it to my eldest son, Adam, his eyes lit up. I told him he couldn't have it but that if  he would like I would make him one. Adam wears ugly Christmas sweaters for Christmas so this quilt was just up his alley!

white with gray mottling - way too light!
Last week I had cut all of the background fabric for his version of this quilt and then I decided it just was not going to work. I found that it was just too light in colour for my taste so I spent an hour last night cutting more fabric. I decided to use the same fabric that was used as a backing for my En Provence quilt. It's not very dark either but it is more of a creamy beige with a swirly print and I think it will work much better than my original selection. I want the background to be subtle but not invisible. :)

Adam is a fun guy with a fun personality and I have chosen some fabrics that I think suit him perfectly. I have some argyle prints, plaids, music prints, solids, and of course, Christmas prints among others. I have made my first block and I think it is adorable.

For the quilt along, Lorna only gives the block and background information. It is up to the maker to decide how they want to finish their quilt. When I made my version I didn't have a plan ahead of time for the layout but this time I know what to do. Because I am going to make it using the same layout as my quilt I can precut all of the extra squares and the piano key border while cutting for the blocks. That will save some time. :)

I hope to be able to gift this to him on Christmas Eve so that he can use it right away. I think I can do it! :)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fun and Done!

On Friday my quilty sister Cheryl came for an overnight visit and she arrived with a few quilt tops and backings that were ready for quilting. The plan was to quilt as many of her quilts as we could and we did do our best. We managed to get three of her quilts finished before she left on Saturday afternoon.
Rosalie's quilt
When she first arrived, I had a customer quilt on the frame for Rosalie and I quilted that one up while Cheryl supervised. I think it turned out so cute and I think Rosalie is going to be very happy with it. Rosalie chose a panto called Shooting Stars by Sue Schmieden and I think it looks fantastic on this little quilt.
Cheryl's quilt for Lindsay
Next up, we loaded Cheryl's first quilt of the day. This beauty is one of Cheryl's own designs and it is going to the girlfriend of her son Gary. This will be a wonderful Christmas gift for Lindsay and I think she is going to just love it. Who wouldn't!!
Close up of Lindsay's quilt
Cheryl chose the Lotus Blossom panto by Megan Haun and it is perfect for this quilt. Look at the gorgeous texture - love it.

Cheryl's quilt for Luca
The next quilt we loaded was this knight and castle quilt. Cheryl incorporated panel strips in this design and it turned out so cute. She chose to quilt it with the Cool Beans panto by Apricot Moon Designs. This quilt will be going to our new great-nephew Luca. It is a nice big size so he will be able to get many years of use from it.

Luca's quilt
The final quilt that we got done was quilted by me because Cheryl just did not feel confident stitching out the panto that she chose to use. The panto she chose is called Spaced Out and it looks like swirling wind and waves. She chose a darker thread for this quilt to emphasize the look of the wind and waves. This is the second quilt that Cheryl has made based on this original design. She had made one similar to this for herself and when the girlfriend of her son Mark saw the quilt she wanted one just like it. Cassandra will be receiving this one for Christmas and I know she will love it.

Cassandra's quilt
I took the photos of Cheryl's quilts on Saturday afternoon and it was a very dark, dreary, and rainy day. Unfortunately the lighting just does not show how wonderful these quilts really are.

Cheryl still has a few quilt tops here that need to be quilted but they will have to wait. It is so funny to me that when Cheryl first started quilting she told me that she would never make as many quilts as I do. Honestly, I think she is outpacing me. :)